Acknowledgements / Podziękowania

I would like to thank the following:

  • Brian Rosen (Natural History Museum, London) for the image of the Lower Freshwater Molasse in Weggis, Kanton Luzern, Switzerland, in Molasa;
  • Chris Scotese (PALEOMAP Project) for the image of the Early Carboniferous paleogeographic map in Orogeneza waryscyjska;
  • Geraint Thomas-Howard Jenkins for the image of Aberystwyth Turbidites, Clarach Bay, South Wales, UK, in Turbidyt;
  • James R Warren for the image of the overthrust fold at Broad Haven, Pembrookshire, South Wales, UK, in Płaszczowina;
  • Jools Gowans for the image of the Crackington Formation, Millook Haven, North Cornwall, UK, in Kulm;
  • Liam Herringshaw for the image of the Precambrian-Cambrian Global Boundary Stratotype Section & Point at Fortune Head, Canada, in Stratotyp;
  • Nicola Scarselli for the image of Alluvial Fan Deposits, Death Valley, USA, in Stożek napływowy;
  • Paweł Sydor (Polish Geolological Institute) for the photo of seismites from Siekierki, W Poland in Sejsmit and the photo of Navajo Sandstone Formation, USA in Eoliczny system depozycyjny;
  • Peter Brabham, Cardiff University, for the image of the coal measures in the Fros-Y-Fran coal mine in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, UK, in Cyklotem;
  • Tomasz Smolik for the image of flisz karpacki (the Carpathian Flysch), Poland, in Flisz;
  • Tore Berg for the image of water escape structure, Fortin Primeri de Mayo, Argentina, in Struktury odwodnieniowe;
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the image of the Red Sea oceanic rift basin by Southard (2007) in Oceaniczne baseny ryftowe and the image of pull-apart basin by Southard (2007) in Pulapartowe baseny;
  • The University of Texas Libraries for the image of depositional systems from Fisher and McGowen (1967) in System depozycyjny.