Geology of Singapore

Gombak Norite

Gombak Norite (probably about 450 to 360 m.y.) comprises intrusive rocks (norite, noritic gabro and gabro) considered the part of ophilitic sequence placed on the Gondwana craton west of the Yunnan-Malayan Basin and the Variscan subduction zone active Late Devonian to Permian. It is penetrated by the Bukit Timah Granite. The Gombak Norite may also be a differentiate of the Bukit Timah Granite, thus its age may be much younger.

Photo to the right shows the Gombak Norite at Little Guilin quarry at Bukit Gombak penetrated by microgranite dike of Late Triassic age. Similar dikes also cut the Bukit Timah Granite.


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